We use and Recommended


We provide consulting and Planing service.


At DPWtech we use and Recomend RNSdata for all our Hosting and Domains.

Remote Support

Anydesk is for remote support. WINDOWS, MACOSX, LINUX.

Cense Group

At DPWtech we use and recommend CENSE GROUP for all our Bookkeeping needs and more.

DPWtech about

About Us

DPWtech Computer Solutions would like to welcome East Coast Tech Services as a partner
DPWtech Computer Solutions provides a professional service with a high degree of technical expertise for home users and businesses within the Break O'Day municipality service area. Whatever your PC or Mac, whether laptop computer, desktop computer or netbook, our trained technician assess your computer problem and then repair it. It doesn’t matter if it is hardware or software problem, we will find the root cause and offer you the very best, most cost effective solution. We also have a no fix no fee policy. so if your PC, Laptop or Mac can’t be repaired you won’t pay a cent. Call us today on 0417 726 301 and we will find a cost effective solution to your computer problem. We are open 6 days a week and there are no unexpected charges such as minimum hourly rates, same day service fee. We deal with all computer hardware: laptops, routers, WiFi equipment and network equipment. All of which we can diagnose and repair wherever possible. We also offer basic computer tuition, IT support packages for businesses and simple website design and maintenance services.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Networking
  • Cloud Computing
  • Office Computers
  • Data Handling
  • Website Hosting
  • Computer Solutions
  • Apple Computers
  • Diagnosing

Our Services & Partners

At DPWtech Specialise in Software. Windows, MacOSX, Linux. and Remote Computer Control

Virus & Malware Removel

By now everyone has had problems with virus removal. At DPWtech we boast a high success rate with removal of viruses by giving your system a complete clean.

Data Recovery & Backup

Specialising in sensitive data backups, DPWtech can help you plan and execute a successful backup routine to give you peace of mind. In the case of data loss we are able to perform different levels of data recovery.

Computer Solutions

At DPWtech we can assist with most types of software ( windows, mac, linux )

East Coast tech

Partner East Coast Tech Services

Phone:- 0460 828 473 For all your mobile needs

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Cense Group



Bay of Fires Cheese

Bay of Fires Cheese St Helens

Tecnic Air

Tecnic Air & Refigeration

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning



Domain & Web Hosting

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